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General Information
Real name: Arin Hanson
Age: 20
Alternative Handle: Ego
The Many Faces of Egoraptor Newgrounds
DeviantART SheezyART
Ego's Awesome Compilation Volume 5 (solo)

Ego's Awesome Compilation Volume 4 (solo)

Ego's Awesome Compilation Volume 3 (solo)

Ego's Awesome Compilation Volume 2 (solo)

Ego's Awesome Compilation Volume 1 (solo)

Awesome Center: Under the Awesome (Unreleased) (solo)

Awesome Rising (Released only in AC5) (solo)

Awesome Dug (Released only in AC5) (solo)

Dead or Awesome: EXTREEEEEME (solo)

Tetrawesome (solo)

Awesome Kong (solo)

Awesome May Cry (solo)

Awesome Fantasy 7 (solo)

Awesome Crossing (solo)

Katamawesome Damacy (solo)

Shadow of the Awesome (solo)

If They Were Real Episode 1 (Part 2) (solo)

If They Were Real Episode 1 (Part 1) (solo)

Legend of Awesome (solo)

An Awesome Halloween (solo)

Awesome the Hedgehog (solo)

Prince of Awesome (solo)

Super Awesome Brothers (solo)

Resident Awesome 4 (solo)

Pac-Awesome (solo)

Metal Gear Awesome (solo)

Final Fantasy 7 Flash Spoof 2: The Verge of Pisspantsing Yourself (solo)

Final Fantasy 7 Flash Spoof (solo)

Happy Birthday Dad! (solo)

Sigmah X's Guide to Drawing Folds in Flash (solo)

Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson is an American amateur voice actor, comedy writer, flash animator, and artist. He is commonly known as "The 'Awesome' Guy" because of his ceaseless use of the word "Awesome" in his movie titles and for his most popular animation Metal Gear Awesome.


[edit] 2001

In this year, Egoraptor saw great potential in internet entertainment when his sound bite "Dragonball Z in a Nutshell" saw viral success and ultimately led to the creation of a flash adaptation using the sound bite as the audio. It was because of these events that he began creating more and more internet entertainment.

[edit] Dragonball Z in a Nutshell

Egoraptor's original claim to fame was performing the audio track Dragonball Z in a Nutshell (or DBZ in a Nutshell), which reached viral status through the distribution of the original MP3 on the popular file transfer program Napster. Later, a Newgrounds user and now creator of Sheezyart Channel Cat created the flash animation DBZ in a Nutshell which used the original audio track created by Egoraptor and further boosted DBZ in a Nutshell's popularity going on to reach the number 1 spot on the Newgrounds Flash Portal Top 50 for several weeks.

During the time of its popularity, the original file for Dragonball Z in a Nutshell received several unofficial name changes by unwitting downloaders of the file. Most significantly was one that implied that the clip was somehow from or related to the Nickelodeon cartoon Invader Zim. Some name changes also implied that the clip was voiced specifically by Rosearik Rikki Simons who voices Gir for Invader Zim. Egoraptor has long since cleared up the confusion, stating the original filename was "Ego 'n Company - Dragonball Z in a Nutshell (Hilarious).mp3" and was indeed made by him.

[edit] 2002

Sometime during this year, Egoraptor created his first flash movie using a 9 second clip he recorded parodying the anime Gundam Wing. It was Egoraptor's first ever creation in Flash and has long since been lost.

[edit] 2003

2003 found Egoraptor mingling into the flash community by meeting Joseph "LegendaryFrog" Blanchette after seeing Resident Evil: Flash Edition. It was through LegendaryFrog that Egoraptor found work as a flash voice actor in 2004.

[edit] 2004

This year saw Egoraptor's first voice credits in the flash community in LegendaryFrog's One Ring: Special Edition in which Egoraptor improvised the entire part he was in and Metal Gear Tech Support in which Egoraptor improvised several lines, RubberNinja's There's Something About Halo Collaboration, and The Super Flash Brothers' The Decline of Video Gaming, The Decline of Video Gaming 2, and A Decline Christmas. It was The Decline of Video Gaming 2 that really put Egoraptor on the map as an amateur voice actor for his roles as the three evil CEOs.

[edit] Final Fantasy 7 Flash Spoofs

In late 2004, Egoraptor created two flash movies: Final Fantasy 7 Flash Spoof, and Final Fantasy 7 Flash Spoof 2: The Verge of Pisspantsing Yourself. They were his first publicly released flash movies ever. These two movies became popular quickly in the Final Fantasy communities and are considered by Egoraptor himself as the precursors to the "Awesome" animating style he has become notorious for. Egoraptor has stated in Ego's Awesome Compilation Volume 2 he was confused with the success of these two movies stating that they blatantly lacked effort, but he continues to animate in that style due to its popularity.

[edit] 2005

Egoraptor produced no flash movies in 2005 but was featured in several flashes as a voice actor. They included ArmyRanger's Birth of Robotech Part 3 and Robotech Episode 1 Remake, NALO and LegendaryFrog's Metal Gear Crisis, as well as LegendaryFrog's Resident Evil Code Veronica: Flash Edition for which Egoraptor was greatly honored having been inspired greatly by Resident Evil: Flash Edition, Project DCK's Cycon Scooby Don't, WashYourHandsMan's Zan and Eddie Episode 2, and The Super Flash Brothers' smash hit The Decline of Video Gaming 3 for which Egoraptor is also creditted as a co-writer having written several jokes for the movie.

[edit] 2006

In this year Egoraptor saw great success both in flash animating and in voice acting, as his most popular animation to date, Metal Gear Awesome was released, and he won the oppurtunity to voice the character Bruce Banner in the video game Marvel Ultimate Alliance. In addition, he also became a regular contributor to MTV's G-Hole.

This didn't keep Egoraptor from voice acting for flashes, however, taking time to voice for The Super Flash Brothers' Blue Rabbit's Climate Chaos, the collaborative effort There's Something about Halo 2, Dark Maze Studio's Press Start Bonus Levels: Strategy Games and Statue of Limitations, Matt Wilson's The Stupid Adventures of Mark an' Tony for which Egoraptor was honored immensely having been a big Bonus Stages fan, Kirbopher's Go, Go, Parody Rangers! for which Egoraptor co-wrote several jokes, and Sonistar's J.I.M..

[edit] Metal Gear Awesome

In February 2006, Egoraptor released Metal Gear Awesome, his most well known animation to date. The animation features an extremely quick (often considered too quick) parodic play-by-play of the video game Metal Gear Solid. The animation saw instant success and shot up to the number 1 spot on the Newgrounds Flash Portal Top 50 list. It has since been a staple of the list, never falling below the 50 spot.

[edit] MTV's G-Hole

Due to the success of Metal Gear Awesome, Egoraptor was approached by MTV to produce animated shorts in the exact same style as Metal Gear Awesome for MTV's online video gaming show The G-Hole. MTV gave Egoraptor four guidelines: the shorts must be poorly drawn, the shorts must have violence, the shorts must have swearing, and the shorts must be 30-40 seconds long. MTV also restricted Egoraptor from submitting these movies to anywhere but the G-Hole, a restriction which Egoraptor constantly fought believing that all of his fans should have easy access to his work. Egoraptor went on to create 1 to 3 "awesome" movies a month for The G-Hole before the show was put on hold and eventually canceled. It is now survived by its sister blog, MTV Multiplayer of which the management has opted not to include any new "awesome" movies due to budget restraints.

[edit] Awesome the Hedgehog

After months with the G-Hole, Egoraptor pitched the idea of Awesome the Hedgehog, a parody of Sonic the Hedgehog. The script was okay'd and Egoraptor animated the entire thing. After submission, it was turned down because Knuckles' dialogue was simply too offensive. Due to this, Egoraptor was permitted to distribute Awesome the Hedgehog. Egoraptor submitted the movie both to Newgrounds and Sheezyart. Shortly after, MTV featured the movie in a bonus episode of the G-Hole entitled "Bonus S%!#."

[edit] Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Activision held a contest on their website to promote Marvel Ultimate Alliance for voice actors to submit videos of themselves voicing either Bruce Banner or Jean Grey. Egoraptor entered the contest and ultimately won, giving him the chance to fly out to the recording studios in LA to record for the game. Unfortunately, while Egoraptor was flown to LA and did record for the game, due to time restraints and travel complications Egoraptor's assets were not featured in the game.

[edit] 2007

Egoraptor has already voiced for several animations this year, including HotDiggedyDemon's We Are Native American Cats which Egoraptor has referred to on several occasions as a "masterpiece," Andrew Dickman's short movie Whun Thowsand, Kirbopher's TTA Episode 073: Tainted Heart and Go Go Parody Rangers! 2 to which Egoraptor contributed several jokes, Dark Maze Studio's Dial V for Vile series, mrSimon's 3D animated project The Mascot, The Super Flash Brothers' detective game Detective Grimoire, and LazyMuFFin's Nameless 6 Volume 1 in which Egoraptor was said to have "made some characters funnier."

Currently, Egoraptor is voicing for Ross "RubberNinja" O'Donovan's Gamer Tonight series for the Australian TV show Good-Game on ABC2.

[edit] Awesome Compilations

Due to his contract with MTV, Egoraptor has been unable to submit his G-Hole animations anywhere but the G-Hole. However, due to popular demand, Egoraptor has consistently asked MTV if there is a way around this so that not only can people see the animations unedited, but also so that non-US residents can see the animations having been shut out from MTV's website. After months of correspondence, Egoraptor proposed an idea that was ultimately accepted: create a compilation of 3 of his G-Hole animations a month, advertising and linking to the G-Hole's main page. On July 19th, Egoraptor released Ego's Awesome Compilation Volume 1 to Newgrounds and his personal website, The Many Faces of Egoraptor and announced that on the 19th of every month he will release the next installment in the series.

[edit] End of Awesome

On Nov 20, Egoraptor announced on his Newgrounds Blog that his final "Awesome" movies, referring to his video game parody series (not including the Awesome Halloween series), will be Awesome Compilation 6 and his planned mystery finale to the Awesome Compilation series. He has stated he plans on focusing more on his own characters and stories. Despite this, he has released several "Awesome" flashes since, including remakes of some G-Hole clips and some brand new ones.

[edit] Future Works

Egoraptor has officially announced 3 projects he is currently working on, all of which he has said are "not 'Awesome' movies" but instead full-fledged animated series. He has also stated that he plans to make a sequel to An Awesome Halloween that will not be released until Halloween of 2008.

[edit] Contact

E-mail: AIM: Egoraptor

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